Would you mind if your partner earned more money than you?


Answers ( 3 )

  1. Why does it matter? Do you prefer poor? My husband makes almost all the money now that we have 3 kids I stay at home with. It changes some of the dynamics, but with good communication, everything can be worked out. Now if you are referencing the woman making more – that can work well too. My SIL and best friend are in that position with wonderful marriages.

  2. BarryLove

    I think I would. The biggest thing I bring to the relationship is money and financial security, If my wife was pulling double duty, bringing how more money and handling the kids, it would kind of a defeated feeling

  3. Ryan Babay

    I wish! At least have her make more money than she can spend on one trip to Target for toilet paper! I want to stay home with the kids, let the wife bust her butt hustling for that cash

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