When is it acceptable to sleep with your date?


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  1. Like cuddle up and sleep? Or do the dance with no pants?

    When two grown, legal age, consenting adults are both emotional and physically prepared for it, BUT know the deal. If you go hop on some guys junk the same night you meet him, he will assume you have done the same with others. You’ll have a fun night in the sheets and as long as that is all you are expecting, then you’re good. Don’t expect to sleep with him after a bottle of tequila and stick around to propose.

  2. BarryLove

    Who are you asking for? Me, first 5 mintues 🙂

    But if you are asking in reference to my daughter? Whole other subject matter. Minimum 30 days. Till you are monogamous and not seeing any other girls. Till you are in love with here and care about her feelings. Are you prepared for the consequences? If a baby happens (sex causes that you know) – are you ready to be a daddy and have a child and connection with this person for 18+ years?

  3. Ryan Babay

    3 dates minimum, after 45 days I am out of there; you are obviously not that into to me if you can withstand the charm for 6 weeks

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