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So for all you lovers, haters and hopeless romantics, what could be better than sharing, hearing and reading opinions from total strangers—since it offers us all the chance to be completely objective. After all, there are two sides to every story. Sign Up here to get started!


FAQ ‘s – Questions from the Heart

1. What is this site all about?
Questions from the Heart is a place where you can find answers for your relationship queries by searching for related questions about your situation or by starting a new thread. It is a place where those who seek advice and those who give it converge.

2. Who can use the site?
Anyone can access the site and read the discussions shared. However, in order to participate, you must have a user account.

3. How do I post a question?
To post a question, you must have an account with the site and you must be logged in. It is recommended to search if there are similar questions asked before you post a new thread to avoid redundancy.

4. How do I respond to a question?
First, you must be a registered user and you need to be logged in to your accounts in order to answer any question or to participate in the threads.

5. What does your site logo stand for?
The logo is represented by two question marks facing each other over a heart. Collectively it is a representation of questions and answers about romantic issues.

6. This site has lots of cool relationship ideas. Do you have related products?

Yes, Questions from the Heart has a sister site where edgy and low-priced ebooks are available for download.

7. What makes your site different from other relationship forum sites?

Aside from our website where discussions about relationships are found, we also have an active reporter who goes around the streets to gather candid answers about relationships. These are collected and published on the website as videos to help our website users gain more knowledge about relationship issues.

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