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About Us

Questions From The Heart is the ideal destination to let it all hang out regarding your romantic relationships! Share your thoughts about Miss Right, Mr. Wrong, Ms. Could-Be or The One That Got Away.

So for all you lovers, haters and hopeless romantics, what could be better than sharing, hearing and reading opinions from total strangers—since it offers us all the chance to be completely objective. After all, there are two sides to every story.

With Questions From The Heart, you can look to see if YOUR SITUATION has already been posted as a relationship question, with helpful answers. Or be the first to submit your query, and see what others have to say! As we know, romance is universal, so it’s likely that someone else has experienced the same love, pain, happiness, confusion, betrayal and forgiveness that you have. Why not learn from their experiences?

There are also some days when you’re just not in the frame of mind to share, and would rather speak your peace. This site offers you the opportunity to respond to others, uncensored, with the truth that is often more easily digested when coming from a total stranger.

questions from the heart logo

question mark characters

You’ll see that the logo for Questions From The Heart offer two floating question marks, each facing each other over a heart. The male mark’s name is Quicent… “Q” for short. Q is romantically involved with the female question mark Questa. She is less attracted to her new boyfriend and plays hard to get 95% of the time.

When these two frisky lovers aren’t chasing each other—or running in opposite directions—they like nothing more than asking and hearing from YOU about relationships. These two dramatic characters are destined to become icons, to be seen in videos, public appearances and on merchandise.

Our “question mark couple” and Questions From The Heart are the creation of Bertram Alexander, known among friends as “Hersh.” After growing weary of folks asking if he was related to “Alexander the Great,” Hersh now uses the moniker “Alexander the Creative” as his identity with new friends on this website.

Hersh offers, “I believe that most people would rather hear real answers as opposed to buttered-up niceties that only reveal half the truth. Humor can be a great way to handle stressful relationship moments. Researching views and feedback is one of the oldest ways of finding out what truly works.”

For the record, he admits to making plenty of mistakes in his personal life—and learning from each and every challenge along the way. Researching to decipher life’s “why’s” and “what if’s” prevents one from making the same mistakes again and again. And let’s face it: We’re all hoping that as we go through life’s journey, each step will move us forward in the quest for lasting love… because relationships are something you should never take for granted.

Questions From The Heart is releasing a series of edgy low priced ebooks on it’s sister site
* “The Sunny Side Up of It Being Over”
* “Cheaters Healing Handbook”
* “You Cheated! (Now Fix-It)”
* “Relationship Drama on Facebook”
* “Take A RelationShit (Flush the BS Out of Your Life)”
* “Why You May Stay Single Online!”

The hilarious, but informative eBook “Take a Relationshit (Flush the BS Out of Your Life) is now on sale for a limited time.” This narrative is not for timid readers. Often, tough love is the only real cure to help a relationship in serious trouble—that needs a flush! “Take a Relationshit” exposes the steps needed to bring you true happiness. Buy a copy now at

Watch for Questions From The Heart reporters hitting the streets of your city live! Our reporters will be sharing many of your posted questions to see if people have the heart to tell the uncut truth LIVE in front of the camera!


Candy is our newest reporter. She is renowned for hitting the streets with no holds barred, daring to ask wild and fun questions of any passer-by. Candy has never been one to shy away from any shocking subject, so stay tuned to see her in upcoming released videos.

Enjoy Questions From The Heart and Relationship Drama! We are eager to hear your thoughts!

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